This section highlights the most frequently asked questions that we, the staff, are asked here at Metropolis Airsoft Arena.

Q. How old do I, or my children have to be, in order to play?
A. Here at metropolis we require that children be at least 8 years of age in order to play.

Q. What should I wear to play?
A. At metropolis we require closed toed shoes to be worn at all times in order to play, and it is always recommended to wear pants and long sleeve shirts or jackets as the bb’s travel at high velocity.

Q. Do you rent equipment?
A. Yes

Q. Can I wear safety glasses to play?
A. No, at Metropolis we require full seal eye protection as well as lower face protection (I.E. an Ironface lower mask) or a full face paintball mask in order to play.

Q. I have a mesh mask that cuts down on fogging, can I wear that?
A. Yes, as long as the player wears safety glasses underneath as the bb’s can fragment and as long as the mask adheres to our mask policy.

Q. Do you sell Airsoft guns and equipment?
A. Yes, we have a fully stocked pro shop, from weapons, upgrade parts, to tactical gear and everything in between.

Q. Can I use my own bb’s if I rent a weapon?

A. Yes you can as long as they are SEEMLESS .20G bb’s.

Q. Do you repair Airsoft guns?
A. Yes, in most cases Airsoft weapons can be repaired and upgraded.

Q. How long does it take for my weapon to be repaired/upgraded?
A. In most cases weapons are returned in 1-2 weeks.

Q. Do you have special group/birthday rates?
A. Yes, if you would like to book a group event or birthday party, just speak to any one of our staff members, or email us at info@metropolisarena.com

Q. What is the FPS limit?
A. Metropolis allows up to 400 fps.

Q. What if a player isn’t playing fair?

A. Airsoft is a game of integrity and honor, here at metropolis we have zero tolerance for cheating players and they will be dealt with swiftly.

Q. Does your field allow full automatic fire?
A. No, we are strictly a semi-automatic field only

Q. I have a sniper rifle, is that allowed?
A. Most all weapons are allowed here at metropolis as long as they adhere to our 400 fps limit.

Q. Are explosive/smoke devices allowed?
A. No, any device that uses a spark or flame to ignite is not allowed.

Q. Are melee weapons allowed? (I.E. a rubber knife)
A. Yes, as long as they are only for show, we do not allow physical contact on the field. (I.E. knife kills)

Q. Am I allowed to bring my own food and drink?
A. Yes, we more than welcome it here at metropolis, if not we order food mid day for those that are hungry.

Q. Am I allowed to leave and come back? (I.E. food run)
A. Yes, you will be given a wrist band indicating that you are a paid player and allowed to return.

Q. My child is playing, is there anywhere I can watch?
A. Yes, here at metropolis we have two viewing areas that players and spectators can see out onto the field and watch the games in progress.

If you have any additional questions or would like additional information please email us at Info@metropolisarena.com

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