Retail & Repair

Metropolis Airsoft provides quality airsoft guns, gear, and accessories to all levels of airsoft enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, weekend warrior, or buying your first airsoft gun, Metropolis Airsoft has you covered! We are dedicated to satisfying your expectations through competitive pricing and unmatched customer support. Let our experienced staff help you take the guess work out of your first airsoft gun purchase!

  • Entry level to competition grade Airsoft Guns including G&G, ICS, KWA, WE, KJW, Classic Army, Lancer Tactical, CYMA, Echo1 and more
  • Awesome selection of tactical equipment, gear and accessories
  • Professional maintenance, upgrade and repair services
  • Trained and professional sales staff on hand to service all your airsoft needs

Maintenance & Repair

We have a wealth of experience in performing maintenance, upgrade and repair services on most quality airsoft products. Virtually our entire full-time staff is technically knowledgeable and our repair technicians are well-trained, highly proficient, and closely supervised. However, we will not perform work on certain brands or low quality airsoft guns.

To engage our maintenance, upgrade or repair services, please contact us first via phone or email to describe your problem, the brand and type of gun or equipment, and we will evaluate if we can assist you and provide necessary recommendations.

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